Desert Light. 

“The extreme clarity of the desert light is equaled by the extreme individuation of desert life forms. Love flowers best in openness and freedom.”

-Edward Abbey 


Morning Walk 05.03.17

I absolutely love walking my dogs. Of course, there’s bound to be at least three highly frustrating moments every. single. time. That would be due to the fact that Juliet is a feisty little firecracker who thinks she can attack mastiffs, boxers, great danes, and other massive dogs with no regard for her own safety. Couple that with the fact that Drake is still a puppy and gets very excited to see other humans or dogs or basically any and everything and you’ve got a recipe for a crazy excited dog fiasco.

Then we’ve got lil old Romeo. He’s the mellow mediator. Whenever Juliet or Drake starts barking and trying to go meet some pup in a yard or otherwise, Romeo is right there nipping at both them as if saying “Hey, you two meatheads! Knock it off! You’re gonna get us all in trouble!”

Aside from those frustrating tidbits, our walks are really great. I like to utilize the time outside to look for inspiration and I always always take my phone, not just for safety purposes but because I take  tons of photos. All the time. One of the only bad things about this is that I have thousands of photos just sitting around waiting to be shown to the world. I’m really bad about going through and organizing the photos afterwards so in an effort to be more proactive in getting my work out there I have decided it might be a good idea to immediately go through them, write a little bit (working on developing my skills), and post it. So here is my first foray into that.

Started off on our walk today around 8am. My favorite times of day to take the dogs out are morning and evening. To me, there is no better or more inspiring light than that of the rising or fading sun.  These are the times when my perspective is keenest. Not to mention the brisk fresh air in the morning gives a perfect jump start to the day, especially for someone like myself who is highly prone to slow starts. I mean reallllll slow starts here. I’ve got lazy, lazy bones.

Anyway, do yourself a favor… go on a walk, take your pup if you’ve got one, go by yourself or a friend, volunteer to walk dogs at the local shelter, anything. Getting outside even for something as small and simple as a walk can do wonders for your state-of-mind and well-being. As you walk, pay attention to the things around you, observe and process, see if anything strikes you… maybe you’ll get a wave of inspiration, and maybe there will be nothing but I promise it will be worth it.
So here’s some photos from today’s stroll.