Something about the warmth of sunshine cutting through crisp air to warm your back. 

Or random outbursts (downpours) of precipitation flooding valleys and dusting the highest peaks with the most thin layer of the purest snow. 

Trying to catch as many glimpses of summer… that free and fleeting carelessness, the engulfing heat that drives all to the nearest body of cool water. 

Always following the sun until the peaks don their winter coat of white with ever-growing coattails extending eventually over everything. 

Creating (causing) a cystalline wonderland of a world.  Causing chaos, creating beauty. Fall.
° ° ° 

Honestly, thinking about fall right now only makes me think about winter. It’s not that I don’t love the season, I love them all. It’s just that my love for winter has grown so much over the last two years that I wish it lasted longer. 

Maybe my goal until it snows will be to notice and recognize the current season instead of wishing always for a future one.