As a species, we have built an amazing human environment for ourselves. The problem with this is that we are not the species that trumps all others and dictates how this planet should be(all for us). The planet knows how it should be. We have forgotten. That is not to say we cannot have our current human environment along with modern day technologies and conveniences that so feed into our newly reduced attention spans and overwhelming demand for instant gratification. We have to remember that we are a part of this, the biggest part, the most influential, the ones with all the tools. The wisdom is in the earth, the animals, the plants, us. The requirement is to shift the way we think of ourselves as something other than the rest of everything on the earth. I mean it when I say we are a part of it. Our evolutionary advancements have allowed for us to grow exponentially which would undoubtedly not have happened otherwise. It allowed us to truly forget our place in all of this.  
The most amazing thing: This entire floating rock in space is a whole system. Everything works in symbiosis to create this enormous living being: our planet. Organisms die, their nutrients are consumed, then absorbed by still living organisms until they also reach their demise, and on and on. The system only works, however, if you keep it whole. We have been messing with the entirety of this perfect system for far too long. 

We have diverted, exposed, extracted, harvested, ravaged, developed, infested, contaminated, abolished, corrupted, pillaged, and overall destroyed the environment and ecosystems that allowed us to be. 

The largest point of this is that, regardless of the ways by which we destroy our home, it will continue to do as it has always done. It will continue to change; it’s organisms will continue to grow, adapt, evolve, survive, even thrive. We should know by now that we have been writing our own demise. 

The earth, nature, the cosmos, the universe, all of it is so much bigger than us. If we could realize our very small and unimportant part in all of it, we might be able to save ourselves and whatever else is left of what we know on this beautiful chunk of rock we are lucky enough to call our home and mother. 


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