California – 2012

Since it’s Thursday and I’ve spent the last week trying to sift through all these old photos, I figured I’d do another little throwback for my second post.
These photos are from Spring break in 2012, my second year of school at the University of Utah. I hadn’t planned on doing anything in particular aside from holing up in my room and binge watching Netflix, but a much needed break up from my high school sweetheart prompted an intense urge to get out of the state and decompress. My stepdad, Ken, was working in Marysville, California at the time and my mom was getting ready to go stay  out there with him for the Summer. I didn’t really care where I was going but needed to travel. The fact that I got some badly needed mom time in made it that much better.
My mom, Marcie, picked me up in Salt Lake and we hit the pavement of I-80. A few hours, half of Utah, and all of Nevada later, we made it to California. I had no plans or expectations and was fully content to read books and explore the small town of Marysville along with the handful of other small towns in the surrounding area. Ken had a different idea.
Almost immediately after we got there he threw out the suggestion that we take a spontaneous trip down to Monterey.  I’m all about sudden adventures and I’ll take any opportunity where I can be in the vicinity of a large body of water, so I was obviously down. He had to make the drive back to their home in St. George, Utah a couple days after we arrived so it was the perfect opportunity to take a little road trip down the coast anyway.
 Monterey, CA
The Lone Cypress
I love trees. Can you tell I loved this one? Couldn’t pick just one photo.
My mom and stepdad are in this photo. They blend in a little but I wanted to capture the moment where they went down to watch the beautiful sunset together.
They’re in this photo as well. Tiny humans, especially when compared to the vastness of the ocean.
After about three days in Monterey, Ken left for Utah and my mom and I made our way back up the coast. We made it to San Francisco before we decide to make an unexpected detour (surprised?). I had never been there and I’m a collector of places and experiences so we made a day of it. The day we anticipated spending ended up as the whole evening and the next day as well but we weren’t complaining. We tried to go to Alcatraz but tickets were sold out until the next day. The city treated us with an easy excuse to stay. That evening was spent wandering around the streets of San Francisco with my mom and stealing wifi from anywhere possible in order to procure a soft bed for the night.
You can never be afraid to seize an opportunity when it presents itself. If you find yourself compelled to do something, don’t let doubt, fear, worry, anything hold you back. Trust your gut and know yourself. Know you’ll be fine and jump into the void. See what happens. I bet you’ll like it.


Alcatraz Island

Blurry and grainy night things at Fisherman’s Wharf.

G O L D E N     G A T E

S A N   F R A N C I S C O
I’ve found that my biggest problem in life is that I want to do too much. I want to go
 E V E R Y W H E R E and experience everything I possibly can. I want to really live. . I want to hoard memories and experiences and connections to people and places. To me, that’s what life is all about.
Whatever things you place value on will never compare to the experiences you have in places of beauty and intrigue. With other beautiful and intriguing souls living in the moment and seeking their life’s next adventure.
If there is anything I’ve learned from this predicament of mine it’s that you absolutely must be present. Time will not wait for you. Live for this moment alone and revel in it. Do exactly what you want to do. Do it in your own time. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or what you should do. You already know that. Find the people, places, and things that make you whole and never let them go.
Don’t think about yesterday’s transgressions or successes. Don’t worry so much about the future. We all have our shit and we all go through it. It all ends up being okay eventually. The universe has a funny way of helping your life fall into place whether you’re paying attention or not.
So, what can you do in this moment, this day, to become a better version of yourself? What can you do right now to further yourself along the path of your life, the path of who you really are and want to be?
Because, honestly, that’s all you really can do. Your control goes as far as this second. So do something about it.

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